Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kandatsu Kogen Ski Trip

Niigata, Japan 

Kandatsu Kogen Ski Resort

I finally made it out on a Japanese ski trip set up by base last weekend!  A group of us went to Kandatsu Kogen in Niigata (It's a little north of Nagano in the same mountain range).  The 3 girls I went with from work were all boarding and I was the lone skier until I made it to the bus and met up with a friend from Marquette and his wife.  I ended up skiing with them all day which was a lot of fun!

It was a Japanese Winter Wonderland
When we got to the mountain, it was snowing pretty hard which filled the slopes with lots of fresh powder!  It reminded me of the time I went skiing with my family a few Christmas' ago in Wisconsin during a blizzard.  We could only see about 5-10 feet in front of us at the top of the slopes which was actually kinda nerve-racking because we didn't really know if we were going down the right run or not.  It didn't make for good picture taking at all which was a bummer, but I took what I could.

Now, I've really only skied in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Cali even though I've been skiing all my life.  And, I have to say, these runs were A LOT bigger than what I was used to.  The green were probably equal to the intermediate runs and some of the reds were close to black diamonds back home.  BUT... I figured, I kinda have to try it since I made it all the way out here.  I actually didn't do bad if I say so myself.  I was rocking it down the reds by the end of the day.  Oh man were my legs killing me by the end of the day though.  Next ski trip is either going to be Nagano or Hokkaido!  Who's in?

Tim Boston (MU alum) and I

Christina, Kayla, and I

Christina, Kayla, Kat and I hanging out before catching the bus at 0230

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