Monday, January 23, 2012

Kawaba Ski Trip

Andrew and I went on a ski trip through base to Kawaba Ski Resort in Gunma, Japan.  It was so pretty driving through the mountains.  Clear day when we arrived, but by the time we were on the 2nd run, the snow storm was moving in, which dropped a few inches on us throughout the day.  And, for being during the Japanese holiday, it really wasn't that busy at all, which was great for us!  We had much of the mountain to ourselves throughout the morning.
View from the top of our favorite long run.
Before the snow storm...
During the snow storm...
Andrew enjoying the snow.
The sun decided to show it's face a little bit throughout the day. 
Hanging out at the top of the mountain before it started snowing.

We had to get one last picture in the snow before leaving... Our winter is not complete!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012...

Andrew and I spent the day walking around in Yokohama before heading back to Yokosuka to spend New Years Eve with friends.  We went over to Matt's house where he and Carissa cooked a delicious dinner. 

Bringing in 2012 at the Rice Kitchen.  What a cool beachside bar in Nobi.
The owner of the bar gave our table a bottle of champagne on the house.  Kinda funny to be toasting classy Moet Champagne in plastic Asahi cups...  I love it!

Matt, Matt, and Andrew watching the 1st sunrise of 2012.  Such a good looking group! 
Yep, it was worth waking up really early for!
Amanda, Matt, Matt and Will stayed out all night to catch the sunrise.  I on the other hand decided to get a quick power nap before watching it. 
First sunrise of 2012!  It's a Japanese New Year tradition to catch the first sunrise on the beach.  There were a lot of other people that had the same idea to watch it in Nobi.
Polar Bear Plunge 2012
Amanda, Kat, Kevin, Alawah, Matt and I before the Polar Bear Plunge.  Definitely a lot of second thoughts here... but man I hate peer pressure :)  There was actually a 7.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan seconds before we jumped in.  We noticed it shaking here, but kinda just shook it off and went in anyways.
The gang after the plunge... it wasn't actually as cold as I thought it'd be.  Freezing in the water, but thankfully the air temperature wasn't too bad when we got out.  Still pretty dang cold though!

Kagura Mitsumata ski trip...

Amanda, Byron Bandonell, and I took a ski trip through base to Kagura Matsumoto Resort in Niigata Japan.  It was the beginning of the season, fresh snowfall, and perfect weather.  We practically had the mountains to ourselves! 

Ready to start the day!

There were 2 resorts connected, Tashiro and Kagura, so we pretty much hit every slope.  We mainly stayed on the green and red runs, but hit a few black diamond ones.  Luckily I only fell once during the day...
Pretty much how empty most of the slopes were.
Byron and I on one of the gondolas.

Such a clear day!

Warming up at one of the huts.  Perfect Wednesday spent on the slopes with great company!

Christmas in Japan...

Andrew and I at the USS Fitzgerald Christmas party in Tokyo.  We had such a good time dancing the night away! 
Andrew, Matt, Sheri, Matt and a few other guys from his ship.  Good group of people to share the night with. 

Andrew and I at 6am... we got the bright idea to wake up early and go to the Tsukji Fish Market for sushi with Matt and Sheri.  Totally worth getting up early for!  We went to this deliciously fresh sushi restaurant inside the market.  We saw them bringing the fish in through the back door making it right to our plates.  They just kept reaching over the counter placing more sushi on my plate!  Probably the best I've had in Japan so far... I even tried eel and squid sashimi and salmon roe.  (still couldn't do the sea urchin)  

Yea, some of them were still moving once they had their heads chopped off... 
Huge blue fin tuna!  They used industrial saws to cut through them.
Tsukji Fish Market... a must do if you come to Tokyo! 
Andrew using his marine science skills and teaching me all about the different fish. 
Christmas Day in the ED.  I was one of the lucky ones who worked Christmas Eve and Day.  Christmas morning was actually really busy and it kept steady the rest of the day.  I decided since we were spending the holiday at the hospital, we were going to have a potluck for all us working and whoever else wanted to spend it with us.  We had a pretty good turnout and delicious food complete with a turkey!
HM3 Duimstra & HM3 Newland (2 of my corpsman), Dr Onishi (Japanese intern) and myself having fun. 
Dr Edwards loves her nurses.  Tina and I were definitely not in regs that day, and of course I was WAY past the line with my glittery Christmas socks and holiday cheer  :)  That's ok, the CO liked it... haha!
Christmas Day ED crew... HM3 Eaves, HM3 Duimstra, HM3 Edsall, HN Jones, Dr Onishi, Dr Edwards and myself.
Working hard, or hardly working??? 
I got to skype with Amers during the day!  I even caught my mom's side of the family at their Christmas Eve party!  Thank goodness for skype!
Amanda and I spending Christmas night together.  What better way to spend the holiday than with your best friend, skyping with family, a bottle of wine, and Christmas cheer...
Sarah, this one's for you!  Thank you!!! 
Opening presents with Amy, Dad and Christine (Michael was still sleeping) on Christmas morning.  Dad and Amy even brought me to the cemetery with them to see Mom.  Can't wait to actually spend the holidays with the family again!
Merry Christmas from Japan!!