Sunday, January 1, 2012

FACES of Vietnam...

Vietnamese children on a school trip.  Guess it's the same in every country... single file line and holding on to each others shirt so no one gets lost. 
A local just passing time on the sidewalk.
Graduates at the Temple of Literature in their traditional dress. 
College kids at Temple of Literature kicking back and sketching by the garden. 

Locals sitting in front of a Cafe on the corner.  This was very common in Hanoi to have chairs and tables on the sidewalk as their seating area.
Local with his potato cart. 
Those oranges look delicious, but we didn't try them.  Just a little hesitant to buy any local fresh fruit or veggies. 
Caitlin... this one's for you! 
Yep, everyone was acting like this was completely normal...
This lady came by and placed her baskets on my shoulders, so of course I had to take a picture.  I think she wanted us to buy a banana though... whoops.
Dinner time!  Couldn't believe this was an entire kitchen/restaurant on the side of the street.
AND, this is a typical intersection in the Old Quarter.  Look closely to all the directions the scooters are going.  They didn't even stop at all!  I actually got hit by one walking down the street.  I would have walked on the sidewalk, but it was already taken up by parked scooters...
Fresh fruit stand on the corner.
This little street was just extremely busy and packed with shops and restaurants.  A little too much for me actually. 

Very cool looking rice paper lantern shop! 
My favorite dish of the whole trip... Chili-lemongrass chicken!!  AMAZING!

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