Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Japan-igans over the last month...

Even though I haven't done a lot of traveling around Japan over the past month, I've still kept myself quite busy:

I passed my test to become a Certified Emergency Nurse in April!  A few of the ER nurses and I traveled up to Tokyo to take the test.  Right in the middle of the test, we had another earthquake!  Talk about adding stress to a stressful day already!
Miranda, Pon, Kayla, and I after taking the CEN... stressed out
and unsure of how we did.  I think our expressions say it all!
I put together the Navy Nurse Corps Birthday Ceremony at the hospital in Yokosuka.  We had a video-conference with the surrounding clinics in Japan also.  From all the time and hard work put into planning the event, it turned out very nice!
YNA members after the NC Birthday cake-cutting Ceremony
Me during the Ceremony
Oh and a little side note to that... I was interviewed by AFN (the military TV network) on why I became a Navy Nurse and all that.  It was actually played as a commercial on AFN and then they had a little segment about the Birthday Ceremony.  Kinda cool, except for the fact that they put the title of "Maternal-Infant Nurse - Labor & Deliver" under my name!  So now a lot of people are giving me a hard time about it.
USNH Nurses with Japanese Ground Self Defense Nurses after the ceremony
On June 1st,  Bryan and I were promoted to Lieutenant!!  (I actually out-ranked Bryan for 8 hours due to the time difference)  So, now there's two LT Stoniecki's and one LTJG Stoniecki!!

I officially transferred down to the Emergency Room from Labor & Delivery!  Even though it's not as busy or exciting as San Diego's ER, it's still better than working with preggos every day.  I definitely like it a lot better and am excited about the switch.

The Japanese LTC Nurse Corps Officer gave us
103 roses for our 103rd Birthday!
Kim Gerber, the recipient of an award during the ceremony
with the video-conference in the background

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