Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello, Japan...

Mikasa Park - behind the hospital right off base
Well, I've been in Yokosuka, Japan a little over a week now and I've already learned a few things.

1.  I look like a tourist, so I might as well embrace it!  I plan on looking like the Asians do in American always snapping pictures.  I keep taking pictures of cool looking signs written in Japanese and what-not.  For all I know, they're probably laughing at me because I'm taking a picture of a "this is only here so an American tourist can take a picture of it" sign.  

Mikasa Park gardens
2.  Japanese food in the States is nothing like Japanese food here!  One of the first days I was here, I went walking out in town and sat down at a Sushi-go-round.  I had one look at it and noticed it wasn't like the sushi I was used to but didn't want to get up and leave right away because I thought it'd be rude.  So instead I tried something that looked the most familiar to me, but don't know how soon I'll be back there.

3.  I don't know Japanese!  The language is made up of a bunch of funny looking drawings and pictures that have absolutely no meaning to me.  I've come to an understanding that I will not learn to read/write the language while I'm out here, so I will stick to just learning to speak a few needed words and phrases to get by.

Chinatown in Yokohama

I'm staying on base until I find a place to live out in town.  The base here is completely different than the States.  People actually want to do things on base and not avoid it like the plague.  I've been out exploring around base to see what Yokosuka has to offer.  I still haven't taken the trains by myself yet, but I'm sure that will come soon.

My first month of work will consist of orientation/transition to both the command and Yokosuka area.  I survived my first typhoon which was actually nothing really to write home about, and Amanda is finally out here, so let the adventure begin!

Yokohama cityscape

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