Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hakone and the Hot Springs

Kayla, Christina and I in the green tea bath.
The aromas of all the specialty baths smelt so good!
Yunnesen in Hakone, Japan
Work has been pretty busy lately with catching babies and all the other random tasks the Navy gives you.  So, what better way to spend our day off than at the spa??  Kayla, Christina and I didn't just go to ANY spa, we went to the Disneyland of spas on the other side of the peninsula in Hakone.  Hakone is a well known onsen (hot spring) town close to Mt Fuji.

We went to the Yunnesen, which is a very unique spa experience.  There were many different spas featuring a coffee, red wine, green tea, sake, and other mineral baths.  They all smelt really good!  It was all set on the side of the mountain with half of the baths outside.  It was snowing a bit and freezing... definitely reminded me of the time I went swimming in the snow with my family when I was younger.
Hakone scenery

And if any of you were wondering, yes, we were allowed to wear our swimsuits this time!  That would get a little awkward otherwise.  I mean they did have a whole naked part sectioned off, but we definitely didn't partake in that.  Trust me, we saw enough of Japanese men and their thongs on the swimsuit side!  All in all, it was a very relaxing day!  Mission accomplished :)

We ate at a little mom and pop restaurant on the river
with homemade soba noodles!  Delicious!

Japanese love their French bakeries!  It's always a mystery on
what you're getting since all the descriptions are in Kanji.
They're SO much better than American breads and pastries!
This sign belongs on!!!  I couldn't help but laugh :)

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