Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TSUNAMI.... burgers and beer!

Too soon????

delicious tsunami burger (American style) &
Tsunami beer from Hawaii
Yokosuka Tsunami Burger
Friends and family... please don't worry!  I'm fine out here, despite what you are hearing on CNN and other media!  Still no changes as of yet.  Hopefully they get the nuclear reactor under control very soon and the radiation doesn't increase.  It's been rainy and gross out for the past two days, so I feel even more like a prisoner in our own houses.  But, I was able to get out the other night with some friends to a restaurant out in town... ironically called Tsunami!  We enjoyed a delicious tsunami burger and tsunami beer!  (I swear we're not sick in the mind, we're just trying to lighten the stress at our "end of the world party"!)  :)

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