Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running around Yokosuka...

Lighthouse at the top of the cliffs in Uraga
Even though I haven't been able to travel anywhere the past few weeks, I've still been keeping busy.  I've been checking out some new runs around Yokosuka with some friends.  The lighthouse pictures are from a park in Uraga (a few train stops past mine to the south).  Taura Plum blossom park (3 train stops north of yoko) is also another beautiful run up on a hill looking over Yokosuka and the harbor.  I was lucky to catch Taura's plum blossoms just starting to bloom.  Plum blossoms usually bloom a few weeks earlier than the cherry blossoms.

Uraga park...  Awesome trails looking over the water!
Kim Gerber and I on a run at Taura
Seeing this at the top was worth the 10 mile run and hundreds of stairs!
Taking a break while looking out over Yokosuka
This wasn't even all of them!  But, they sure were
 a butt-kicker in the middle of the run.
I got to catch a cool sunset on the way back from Taura.

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