Friday, December 23, 2011

Cambodia FACES...

Traditional Khmer dress.  These women were all dressed up at Angkor Wat temple. 
A school for orphaned children next to the market. 
"How much you paay Laaday??  I giv you good priiii!"  Yep, that's what we heard for the two days we were walking around the markets.  They preferred to use the USD because their Riels were basically worth nothing.  Bargaining was fun though.

"Welcome to Coffee Angkor Wat".  Katie and I enjoyed a traditional Khmer lunch at this local restaurant.    I had a chicken and onion stir fry dish with rice.  (of course I had rice... comes with almost EVERY dish)  There was also a few fresh veggies and fresh pineapple, but I had to contain myself and stay away from it.  Didn't really want to spend the rest of the trip in the bathroom.  Lunch was delicious though. 
The kitchen of the restaurant we ate at.  Now you see why I didn't want to eat any fresh foods from here... never know, the bathroom was probably right around the corner too. 
Katie and I enjoyed fish foot massages and an hour foot massage for.... $3!!!  Man, I could have stayed there all night for that price.  It was recommended by our tour guide... his favorite place.  I did go back to the hotel and got an hour full body massage for $8.  I could get used to that.  :)
The Night Market where we went shopping, got foot massages, and ate a delicious local dinner at a "resort restaurant".  I did enjoy the lemongrass tea and spring rolls! 
For all the nurses out there.... Here's the local ER.  Yep, check out the nurses sitting outside and the old fashioned treatment beds inside...  Very thankful for American healthcare!
Locals hanging out and playing hackie-sac.  Check out all the tuck-tucks in the background.  
A couple taking wedding pictures at Angkor Wat.

Resting after a long day in front of Angkor Wat. 
There were a few of these types of bands around Siem Reap.    They were raising money for the land-mine victims of Cambodia.
A little local boy hanging out around Banteay Sarei.  Definitely one of my favorite pics of the trip.
Locals on the side of a country road making sugar cane candy.

The next step in making sugar cane candy.  Didn't eat any after seeing the random dogs wandering around.
A local relaxing outside her house.
There were small children selling all sorts of things all over Angkor.  It was kind of hard to say no a lot of the times. 
Children hanging out while working at Ta Phrom. 
Artistans Angkor is a trade school for locals to learn a valuable trade from wood and stone carvings, silk making, painting, or sewing.

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