Friday, December 2, 2011

Kyoto Part 2...

Our 2nd day in Kyoto was spent checking out the shrines in Southeast Kyoto.  Fushimi Inari Shrine, or more popularly called Thousand Torii Gates, is amazing!  It has long trails covered by torii gates leading up through the wooded hillside of Mount Inari.  Each torii gate is dedicated to the Shinto god, Inari.  This was probably one of my favorite shrines in Kyoto... I don't know, I'm drawn to all the bright colors!  (hey, didn't someone say orange is the new pink??)

The only bummer of the day was it was down-pouring the whole morning/afternoon.  Katie and I were soaked up to our knees, not to mention, sloshing around in our shoes!  Not fun!  At least it wasn't too cold...
The entrance to the Fushimi Inari Shrine.
I love all the colorful hanging paper cranes leading up to this shrine.
Love the colors again!  (Amanda, this one's for you!)

The trails started out with 2 paths covered with "mini" torii gates, and led into stairs and hills of huge torii gates.  The other side of the gates all had Japanese writing on each one.  I just wish I knew what they all said.
Had to get the classic torii gate shot...
Tofukuji is a large Zen temple one train stop away from the Torii gates.  It's known for it's amazing autumn colors.  I can definitely see why.  It was just about 30% when we were there too.  You can see how hard it was raining still in most of the pictures.  But I think the umbrellas add a little something to the pics.
Love this one!
On the covered walkway at the Temple
One of the Zen gardens at the Tofukuji Temple
Beautiful autumn leaves all over the temple grounds
Walkind down the path on the way out of the temple grounds

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