Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bella Roma...

People say that if you throw a quarter in the Trevi Fountain while making a wish, you're sure to come back to visit Rome someday.  I completely believe in that!  I threw a quarter in the fountain a little over 5 years ago and I was lucky enough to come back to Rome!  It was just as amazing as I remembered too.
Piazza del Popolo
A good friend from Loyola actually lives in Rome now with her boyfriend, so I was able to meet up with her for a few hours.  Try meeting up with someone in a busy, foreign country, without a cell phone... Hard, but surprisingly it all worked out!
Piazza Venezia... a Roman military monument
We were able to hit all the tourist sites on top of meeting up with Christine for lunch.  We had to choose between the sites or the Vatican, so we weren't able to visit the Vatican this time.  Guess I'll have to just come back a 3rd time!
Roman Forum
Locals playing the sax in front of the Roman Forum

I LOVE this picture of the girls by the Arco di Constantino next to the colosseum.   
I like the guys expression behind me looking at us like we're crazy.  I didn't really mind though.
Sitting at a street side cafe for a little snack.  We had gelato, bruschetta, and coffee
Across the street from the Roman Forum

Artist sitting by her artwork in an alleyway 
Caitlin hugging the painter because she loved her work so much!
YES, we will be back!!
Throwing coins into the fountain 
Definitely my favorite part of Rome!
Spanish steps.  Thank god Christine told us to meet her at the McDonalds at the bottom of the steps, otherwise I would have never found her!  Way too many people around here!
Pantheon, after we met up with Christine 
Christine and I
Inside the Pantheon
We were able to meet up with Christine's boyfriend, Angelo, for a quick espresso before heading back to the bus.  Apparently Romans don't order cappuccino after breakfast... but he ordered one anyways for Caitlin to be a good host even though the barista looked at him weird.
 Christine took us to a delicious local Italian spot for lunch recommended by Angelo.
I'm so glad Christine and I were able to meet up!  I haven't seen her in about 4 years!!  Can't wait to see her again!  Thanks for showing us around Rome :)

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