Friday, September 23, 2011

Summertime in Japan...

Zushi Beach.  It was nice, but it was no San Diego beaches.  But, there wasn't an alcohol ban, so there's a ton of wooden beach bar shacks that are built every summer right on the beach.
Kind of reminded me a little of Panama City Beach and OB.  Definitely a different atmosphere there.
Amanda and I finally ventured out to Monkey Island.  No it's not actually called Monkey Island, I'm just not sure what the actual name is.  Only the Americans call it that as I was corrected by a Japanese girl when I was talking to her.  I just pulled the gaijin card on that one.
Sarushima Island.  My apartment looks out to this Island.  It's just a short ferry ride over from Mikasa Park.  Nice beach and hiking on the island. 
Mikasa Park.  Amanda and I spent the afternoon reading and napping in the park by the pavilion.
Winefest at the O-Club on base with the girls.  Kayla Horton, Christina Collazo, me and Michele Padilla.
Amanda finally made it over to the rest of the ladies.  We had such a fun time hanging out poolside sipping on some wine.
We went to DisneySea for Kayla's going away party.  She PCS'd back to Camp Pendleton the end of August.  We are sad to see her leave Yoko and will miss her a ton!  DisneySea was made specifically for Japan and I actually like it more than Disney World.  It's similar to Epcot Center and California Adventure, but better!  I'll definitely be back before I leave Japan.
Sachi, Kayla, Amanda, and Byron at Aeriel's Grotto.

Kayla, Amanda and I acting like dorks.
Disney in Japan loves their popcorn.  Now, it's not just any ordinary popcorn... they have interesting flavors such as curry, black pepper, sea salt, strawberry, and milk tea.  The curry was awesome!
I saw a group of Japanese girls all with their Minnie Mouse ears on, so I asked to get a picture with them.  Hey, they were loving it, so I didn't mind at all.
The group with Abu from Aladdin
Amanda, Megan Cavins and I went up to Harajuku one Sunday for a festival full of food, dancing and a parade.   We enjoyed a Sunday Brunch at the New Sanno earlier in the morning with Michele and her family.
These kids were so cute, especially the little girl on the end.  She pretty much just stood there scared during their performance, but I thought she was adorable.
During the parade, groups were doing traditional Japanese dancing
Every Sunday, people dress up in a unique variety of styles and walk around Harajuku.  The "Harajuku girls" will dress up in big poofy dresses with corset tops and big shoulders topped off with hats and long socks and heels.
There's an example of a Harajuku girl in the white, but the other two are questionable as to which gender they are.  If we came earlier in the day, we probably would have seen a whole corner full of Harajuku girls and other people dressed up.  I love people watching in Japan!

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