Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monoco and the French Riviera...

Good morning Monte Carlo!  This was the amazing view from our balcony.  I could get used to this.  See that yacht right there... yea, no big deal, only a few million dollars!  I had it meet me up here today and figured I'd take it out sailing later today.
I loved how our tour guide pronounced "Eze Village".  It just rolled off his tongue ever so smoothly.
Looking down on the gardens of a resort in Eze Village. 
The village was on top of the cliffs over looking the Mediterranean Sea.
Lo and I looking a little tired from the night before.
Eze village was full of cobblestone pathways and stairs that we had to climb.  

They were setting up for a Medieval festival later that afternoon.   All the buildings had really cool writing all over them.  Added a special touch to the village.
Of course Amers and I had to try on the big floppy hats.  Lo and Pooter didn't want anything to do with us!  :)  The girls and I all found handmade jewelry from a small shop.

Driving along the cliffs on our way to Nice.  I would LOVE to live in the French Riviera! 
Leave it to us to find an Irish Pub when we first get to Nice.  Too bad it was still early afternoon. 
Hanging out in the square before walking around Nice.
Saturday morning farmers market going in the square while we were there.  Our main mission was to find a cafe for crepes.  I can't believe we waited til our last day in Europe to finally eat crepes.   
Mission accomplished.  Outdoor cafe with crepes as big as our head!  Amy and Lo just got plain cinnamon, while Caitlin and I got strawberry and banana-nutella.
I'd say, we picked the better choice!  The banana-nutella was their speciality.
I loved how all over Europe there's musicians just sitting, hanging out playing music. 
This door was too cool not to get a picture by it! 
Nice was definitely my favorite place because of all the outdoor cafes/restaurants and little shops lining the streets. 
I wish we had more time to spend here to enjoy more of the restaurants.  But sadly we only had a short time there before we had to head back to the ship.
The girls and I did wine tasting in the basement of a little cheese shop.  We tried 5 different speciality cheeses and 3 wines.
Caitlin and I checking out the wine at the cheese shop.
Caitlin walking around Nice. 
One of my favorite pictures of Nice.

View of Nice from the cliffs on the drive back. 
Back in Monoco on the pier.
Too bad we weren't there a few weeks earlier... we could have made it to the wedding.
Monte Carlo casino.  Definitely high ballers go there!
This was the point where Caitlin told me to put my camera away or she was going to take it away!  I guess I did take a TON of pictures over the past week.  

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