Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shimoda, Izu Peninsula (my favorite place in Japan)...

Amanda and I went to explore Shimoda.  It's on the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula.... the next peninsula over to the west from ours in Japan.  It's know for it's emerald coasts with steep cliffs and beautiful beaches.  I absolutely loved it there.  It quickly became my favorite place in Japan.  We went on a boat ride around the southern tip and found a few future snorkeling spots.

Amanda and I hiked to the top of the cliff by the lighthouse.  We enjoyed some pretty spectacular views from the top! 
Shimoda is full of little cafes with an American and French feel.  Delicious food, wine and great company! 

The next day we went inland in Izu and hiked Nanadaru Falls... the 7 waterfalls hike.  I really wish I could have swam  in the falls, but no go.
A few weeks later, Katie Reyna (another ER nurse) and I went back to Shimoda because I liked it so much.  This is the top of another mountain overlooking the town.  Pretty sweet views from here too. 
Katie and I went to the cafe right next to our Bed & Breakfast (Earnest House) with a Caribbean feel to it.  I had the best vegan avocado burger!  
Kisami Beach right outside the Earnest House.  We pretty much had it to ourselves each time we went to it.  Just had to share it with a few surfers.
Enjoying a homemade picnic basket breakfast on the beach.  It had gourmet egg sandwiches, fresh fruit, aloe yogurt, spice cake, OJ, & coffee... not sure what else you'd need!  To make it even better, it was placed outside our door when we woke up in the morning!
I couldn't have asked for better weather both weekends I went down to Izu!
I could get used to this view!  It was so relaxing up on the cliffs... totally took away all the stress from work!  So who wants to go back here next week?

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